Scott and Debbie loading the Butterfly kiln on a COLD January day.

Wood fired functional pottery, wheel thrown and altered by Scott and Debbie Williamson, in Lovettsville, Virginia.

We made our first pots in January 2007 at a class we took together in Frederick, Maryland. We participated in our first wood firing in May of the same year and by November 2008, we were breaking ground for a kiln shed. One brick at a time, with the help of friends, we built our 27 foot, three chamber anagama/noborigama wood kiln, designed by Stan Burgess with assistance from Kevin Crowe.

We train in workshops and value our time in the studio.

Scott is CTO at Yakabod, Inc., a software firm that specializes in secure knowledge sharing systems; Debbie is devoted full time to the pottery. Combined, we have 4 grown children and 8 grandchildren. 'Home' is 14 beautiful acres in Lovettsville, Virginia.