Butterfly Kiln

t’s the wood-fired pot that most appeals to us. The ash, the flash, the depth of color … even the ‘feel’ of the pot is affected by the heat and kiss of a wood-fed flame. Just months into a beginner’s pottery class we were offered the opportunity to wood-fire and we immediately became enamored by the kilns, the pots, the potters, and the process of wood firing. We built a three-chamber anagama/noborigama kiln, which is a Japanese style multi-chambered climbing kiln. Our building plan was conceived by Stan Burgess, loosely based on Kevin Crowe’s kiln design. The first firing, led by Kevin Crowe, was in March 2011. In spring 2020, with help from Tim Sherman, we disassembled the tube chamber and made a few renovations to the salt and glaze chambers. Just in time for our 11th firing. The plan now is to build a separate second kiln to replace the tube.

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